ALA Delivers the Decision Makers

ALA Annual heads to Orlando  - Book your exhibit space now!

If you pick one tradeshow in 2016 to deliver the largest potential for your products and services, make in the one that delivers the decision makers - THE ALA ANNUAL CONFERENCE.

Through its 58,000+ members, ALA serves as the nation's top resource for public, academic, private, and school libraries. Exhibiting at ALA tradeshows provides the best and most comprehensive opportunity to reach decision makers in the library industry.

Overall, 82% of the attendees are a buying influence for at least one of the products and services exhibited at the Annual Conference.

55% of the 2015 Annual Conference attendees found new companies to do business with based on their time spent in the exhibits.

The American Library Association's Annual Conference continues to deliver the content that provides value to attendees from across the country and across the industry. Whether learning in meeting rooms or on the exhibit floor, attendees come to the Annual Conference because they know it delivers the biggest return on their investment. With a wide range of activities, the exhibit floor has become a great place for attendees to search for new products, hear interesting speakers, meet emerging authors and examine peer poster presentations.

The Annual Conference returns to a revitalized convention center district with new hotels, restaurants and clean regulated taxis. The entire exhibit and meeting campus will be walkable, making it easier for exhibitors and attendees to enjoy the Annual Conference and have more time for exhibits!

For exhibitors, the Annual Conference consistently ranks amount the top tradeshows for attendee buying power. In 2015, the percent of attendees involved in purchase or products exhibited at the annual conference topped 82%. That means that more than 8 out of 10 librarians that see your exhibit have the power to  put  your products and services into their libraries.

The number speak for themselves... a diverse audience from all levels of management, from all type of libraries from across the country with the interest in your products and the power to make a deal. This is your best opportunity to reach the decision makers. The ALA Annual Conference delivers more librarians than any state event, any event for the publishing industry and any niche event for public, special, academic or school libraries.

The Annual Conference is the industry leader... the oldest, largest, best-attended tradeshow for the library marketplace.

Attendees by job title:

  • Director 12%
  • Assistant Director 5%
  • Branch Manager/Other Manager 6%
  • Reference Librarian 7%
  • Head/Supervisory Librarian 4%
  • Reference Librarian 14%
  • Cataloging Librarian 6%
  • Systems Librarian 4%
  • Children's Librarian 4%
  • Collection Department 3%
  • Media Specialist 3%
  • Dean/Assistant Dean/Associate Dean 2%
  • Department Chair/Head 6%
  • Librarian 23% (includes General, Technical, Circulation, Information Literacy Librarian, Acquisitions, Government, Serials, Adult, Bibliographer, Young Adult, School/University)
  • Other 7% (includes Library Educator/Instructor, Association, Public Relations, Trustee, Consultant, Publisher, Writer, Editor)

The Annual Conference will draw large numbers from the region and attract a strong national audience.

  • Northeast 15%
  • Southeast 16%
  • Midwest 20%
  • West 39%
  • Southwest 6%
  • International 4%

Where else will you find such a high concentration of your customers, partners, and new prospects under one roof? Reserve your space today!

For questions on available booth space or for additional information, please contact:

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